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To dear angler.

Welcome to GOKUSPE Official Web Site

Gokuspe is a big name in Boat Fishing and Salt Water Fishing in Japan

We don’t think High Quality and Brand  must be Expensive! 

Team Gokuspe always believe that Good Quality ,Realization it by a Reasonable Price 

We know Fishing Tackle, so we understand a good Fishing Rod comes from a good Rod Blank, SOITOMAKI( Total Spool Thread ) is  a Japan Style Boat Rod Blank, it makes the Boat Rod Power Full, Flexible and Safty ,Gokuspe make SOITOMAKI Boat Rod with a reasonable price!

Everybody and Corporation who interested in Gokuspe Tackles,please contact US:



Pure Tec Co.,LTD

3-13-11 Tokiwa-Cho Kita-Ku Sakai-City Osaka 591-8001



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